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Monday, June 25, 2007

Confederacy of the Dunces - Good?

This site is certified 35% EVIL by the Gematriculator Confederacy of the Dunces is 35% evil, which means it's 65% good. Wow imagine that! Maybe we should wait a couple of months and measure it again. I found this neat little generator called the Gematriculator off Donald James Simpson /unbalanced/ blog (a blog worthy of checking out). If you're bored on Monday (or on any other day for that matter) and want to be as 'unbalanced' as he is I recommend checking out his blog. Just be warned, there's a lot of sh*t on the site (literally!).

Happy Monday!

Oh talk about Mondays, you have to take a look at Shaymus O'flatulence who had a snake in his toilet and read Terrence Culkin's NYC Subway story and the Vanessa's Blonde Monday madness both will give you great laughs if not grins throughout the day...


doctor chip said...

the Gematriculator bases it's findings on odd stuff like how many vowels start and end sentances.

my percentage changes almost daily, but the 31% is probably about average!

35 for you, eh?

heh heh!

hats off to you, love!



Yu^2 said...

Ya 4% more than you. Imagine that!